Valves and fittings for the petroleum and petrochemical industries

2V SRL is a company specialised in the machining of valves and related design components through the use of high-tech machines. Our long-standing experience in the petrochemical sector enables us to carry out top quality work on a guaranteed time schedule.

The department consists of a team of specialists dedicated to the design and manufacture of a broad and complete range of control valves for industrial applications related to the distribution of oil and natural gas for the chemical and oil industry.

Among the most important processes, we feature components for gate and ball valves (fittings, valve stems, flanges, spheres, bodies and special closures) together with coating weld beads, so to control the entire welding cycle with dimensional checks across all aspects.

The most important priorities in the oil and gas industry are undoubtedly the quality of the components and high reliability. In 2V, we are focused on closely following our clients even in operational scenarios of great complexity and criticality. The flexibility and dynamism of our solutions can help meet customer requirements rapidly and at very competitive prices.

Continuous technological innovation and updating of manufacturing techniques is synonymous with quality. This combined with twenty years of experience in the field, make 2V a valued company that is in constant growth.