The term prototype is understood as the set of all industrial processes that through additive techniques (without tools) have as their objective creating the prototype of an object or solution. This is regardless of the complexity of its geometry, since its mathematical definition is detailed within specific files created with 3D CAD software.

Depending on its nature, the prototype can be called to perform various functions, starting from the evaluation of costs and foreseeing the market response. This is essential in modern production processes where the ability to reduce as much as possible development and industrialisation time is a primary objective.

We provide a full spectrum of mechanical prototypes for all customers who need to turn their ideas into reality. We offer the development of special components and prototypes at a low cost even for specific first-level projects, from the design to its relative mechanical manufacture.

Based on the highly specialised experience gained over the years and the availability of cutting-edge software, machinery and equipment, 2G SRL is able to meet the specific needs of its customers by ensuring high quality standards, both in terms of time and realisation, as regards to the features of the objects prototyped.