Valves and fittings for the petroleum and petrochemical industries

2V SRL is a company specialised in the machining of valves and related design components through the use of high-tech machines. Our long-standing experience in the petrochemical sector enables us to carry out top quality work on a guaranteed time schedule.

The department consists of a team of specialists dedicated to the design and manufacture of a broad and complete range of control valves for industrial applications related to the distribution of oil and natural gas for the chemical and oil industry.

Among the most important processes, we feature components for gate and ball valves (fittings, valve stems, flanges, spheres, bodies and special closures) together with coating weld beads, so to control the entire welding cycle with dimensional checks across all aspects.

The most important priorities in the oil and gas industry are undoubtedly the quality of the components and high reliability. In 2V, we are focused on closely following our clients even in operational scenarios of great complexity and criticality. The flexibility and dynamism of our solutions can help meet customer requirements rapidly and at very competitive prices.

Continuous technological innovation and updating of manufacturing techniques is synonymous with quality. This combined with twenty years of experience in the field, make 2V a valued company that is in constant growth.

Industrial Components

The company has a broad and innovative fleet of vehicles available that are best able to carry out machining such as drilling, milling and grinding. Among the additional services, our company also provides processes for metal carpentry such as punching, stamping, laser cutting, water cutting, folding and tumbling.

The adjustment interventions are designed to transform the raw material into its end result. The product is then purified from production imperfections and made suitable for its marketing, as per project brief. By using sophisticated electronic measuring equipment, the quality control department certifies the conformity of the final product and validates it as required.

Over time, the production structure of the company has evolved thanks to the expertise of its professionals.  Studying all practical aspects to best perform engineering interventions ensures careful optimisation of every job. Our business office accurately schedules all requests according to the emergency priority, so as to fully comply with both the time schedule and quality standards.

Among the most important and ambitious projects recently carried out is integrating the machining of cast aluminium into the production process.

Thanks to machinery and the latest technology, 2V is the ideal partner for the high-precision machining of the die-cast aluminium, used by the automotive industry.

The quality controls for standard compliance are performed with high precision machinery, such as equipment by market leader DEA GLOBAL Classic.

Special Machining processes

2V SRL provides its customers with precision machining using latest generation CNC (Computer and Numerical Control) equipment and is able to offer services to third parties on different types of metals.

The use of such facilities, which are controlled by sophisticated CAD oriented programs during the design stage, enables exceptionally high quality treatments. This IT control guarantees accuracy and reliability in the production of finished items, which are delivered on schedule to optimise production time.

The company is active throughout the country and abroad. It professionally manufactures ironworks, special steels and light alloys.  The quality of the finished products and decades of expertise allows the company to operate across different industries.

We also realise custom designs even from technical drawings that are highly complex.

Precision metal hardware parts

2V work in the engineering industry for third parties by providing services for processing metal alloys. This includes a wide range of treatments supplied by qualified personnel using the latest cutting-edge tools and methods.

A large fleet of machines selected and designed for maximum optimization of working times and the production of quality components.

Metalworking includes various materials such as steel and derivatives (including special steels), ferrous metals and titanium alloys. Numerical control machines and instruments for inspection of manufactured components certify the high quality and reliability.

The work ranges across different industries (petrochemical, marine and hydraulic among others) with precision machining operations, including surface treatments of various metals and the production of components starting with specific customer projects.

The services offered are subjected to a strict quality control. These processes include:
machining with the latest generation CNC equipment
milling, metal drilling, turning, flattening
lapping and polishing
machining of light alloys
machining of heat resistant alloys
- heat and surface treatments



The term prototype is understood as the set of all industrial processes that through additive techniques (without tools) have as their objective creating the prototype of an object or solution. This is regardless of the complexity of its geometry, since its mathematical definition is detailed within specific files created with 3D CAD software.

Depending on its nature, the prototype can be called to perform various functions, starting from the evaluation of costs and foreseeing the market response. This is essential in modern production processes where the ability to reduce as much as possible development and industrialisation time is a primary objective.

We provide a full spectrum of mechanical prototypes for all customers who need to turn their ideas into reality. We offer the development of special components and prototypes at a low cost even for specific first-level projects, from the design to its relative mechanical manufacture.

Based on the highly specialised experience gained over the years and the availability of cutting-edge software, machinery and equipment, 2G SRL is able to meet the specific needs of its customers by ensuring high quality standards, both in terms of time and realisation, as regards to the features of the objects prototyped.