Industrial Components

The company has a broad and innovative fleet of vehicles available that are best able to carry out machining such as drilling, milling and grinding. Among the additional services, our company also provides processes for metal carpentry such as punching, stamping, laser cutting, water cutting, folding and tumbling.

The adjustment interventions are designed to transform the raw material into its end result. The product is then purified from production imperfections and made suitable for its marketing, as per project brief. By using sophisticated electronic measuring equipment, the quality control department certifies the conformity of the final product and validates it as required.

Over time, the production structure of the company has evolved thanks to the expertise of its professionals.  Studying all practical aspects to best perform engineering interventions ensures careful optimisation of every job. Our business office accurately schedules all requests according to the emergency priority, so as to fully comply with both the time schedule and quality standards.

Among the most important and ambitious projects recently carried out is integrating the machining of cast aluminium into the production process.

Thanks to machinery and the latest technology, 2V is the ideal partner for the high-precision machining of the die-cast aluminium, used by the automotive industry.

The quality controls for standard compliance are performed with high precision machinery, such as equipment by market leader DEA GLOBAL Classic.