Precision metal hardware parts

2V work in the engineering industry for third parties by providing services for processing metal alloys. This includes a wide range of treatments supplied by qualified personnel using the latest cutting-edge tools and methods.

A large fleet of machines selected and designed for maximum optimization of working times and the production of quality components.

Metalworking includes various materials such as steel and derivatives (including special steels), ferrous metals and titanium alloys. Numerical control machines and instruments for inspection of manufactured components certify the high quality and reliability.

The work ranges across different industries (petrochemical, marine and hydraulic among others) with precision machining operations, including surface treatments of various metals and the production of components starting with specific customer projects.

The services offered are subjected to a strict quality control. These processes include:
machining with the latest generation CNC equipment
milling, metal drilling, turning, flattening
lapping and polishing
machining of light alloys
machining of heat resistant alloys
- heat and surface treatments