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Our company is growing and we need new resources and expertise to improve our services. In this section, we list the open employment opportunities for which you can send your CV and be contacted for an assessment.

We are looking for honest people and offer opportunities to grow both individually and professionally. Send us your CV containing all the most relevant information.


Skilled Metal worker responsible for manufacturing

This role is responsible for mechanical maintenance and quality control of the manufactured product. The role is within the production department.

The ideal candidate holds a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering or Industrial engineering, is able to read and interpret technical drawings and can use measuring and workbench tools. The role requires a precise and attentive person. Excellent manual skills required. Four-years of engineering experience are preferable.

An initial placement contract is available.

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Junior Metalworker

This role covers mechanical processes in general and is carried out within the production department.

The ideal candidate holds a Diploma in Mechanical Engineer or Industrial Engineering and is able to read technical drawings. The role requires a person with ambitions for growth and excellent manual skills. Experience not required in the field of engineering. Knowledge of English is preferable.

Initial placement contract subject to assessment.

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CAD/CAM Designer

This role covers the design and drawing of the basic 2D CAD-CAM technical drawing to help the production process. This includes coordinating the management activities of contracts and their related scheduling. Assists the relationship with the end client from design up to delivery.

The ideal candidate for this position holds a Diploma in engineering and has 2 years experience in design and technical drawing. Knowledge of CAD and CAM design programs and the English language is essential.

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